Association Frédéric Fellay

Goals of the Association

The goal of the Frédéric Fellay Association is to seek the funds necessary for the fight against brain tumors. In addition, the association wants to help, support and comfort young adults affected by this disease, as well as their family.

The Association is willing to study any other situation related to an oncological disease in a young adult.

More specifically, here are the goals dearest to it:

  • Optimizing the quality of young adults’ stay while hospitalized in oncology:

The environment of young adults affected by this disease deserves particular attention. In this critical point of their lives, they are no longer neither children nor adolescents, for whom fortunately there exist numerous organizations and associations. Their adult life has only just begun and, especially when the disease emerges, these young people still terribly need support. That is why the Frédéric Fellay Association strives to bring them more well-being, comfort and human warmth, both in the hospital and private setting, while keeping in mind the needs specific to their age.

  • Provide assistance to their family to the extent of its means:

Life quickly becomes complicated for the patient and those around him/her. The Frédéric Fellay Association wishes, through simple actions, to alleviate their everyday life. It could be for example through financial or material aid, help with transportation, help with accommodation for family members not living in proximity to a hospital, the realization of a patient’s particular wish, etc. The needs are many and the association will examine all requests.

  • Support medical research on brain tumors:

Brain tumors (gliomas) remain incurable to this day. Research is the only hope to one day be able to defeat this terrible disease. Supporting it financially by encouraging projects is indispensable.

The Association hopes to be able to quickly achieve its goals thanks to the outpouring of generosity encountered and is convinced that thanks to your contribution it will succeed in this endeavor.