Association Frédéric Fellay

Presenting the association

The Frédéric Fellay Association was created on the 4th of February 2011. This date was not chosen at random, it marks the passing, four years prior, of Frédéric, stricken with a brain tumor (glioblastoma) at the age of 20. We, his family and those close to him, wish to honor his memory so that his fight will not be in vain.

After having been confronted with such a life-changing upheaval, we undertook a long path of reflection on our experience and on the possibilities for improvement in the mentoring and accompaniment of young adults affected by this disease. While it is fortunately still rare, it affects more and more young people and from the moment it emerges in a family, their world falls apart. So many questions, steps and emotions to manage. If we can, however modestly, be of use, we will have made some progress for Frédéric and all the others. We also deeply care about supporting research on brain tumors, the only hope we have to expand our knowledge of this disease.

Our association is not-for-profit and its twenty founding members comprise people from Frédéric’s family and friends.

The members of the association include natural or legal persons. Adhesion as a member entails an annual contribution (see Contact/Join us section) but does not commit you to taking any action.

We hope to be able to count on your generosity and your solidarity to fight against this terrible disease. All together.

Marie-Claude, Jean-Marc and Jérôme Fellay